Djabe/Steve Hackett: Sipi benefit concert 2DVD

2DVD - GR-081

imageDjabe is the No1 Jazz/World fusion band of Hungary. In 2007 they organized a charity concert for their late percussionist Andras Sipos, as they call him, Sipi’s family. Their long time friend, the former Genesis guitar player helped out to fully pack the concert venue in Budapest. Steve was on stage more than two hours, and not only played in the Djabe tunes, but also has an own acoustic medley.

The DVD release contains the whole concert in two parts, and plenty of extras. On dics one we can enjoy one of the last performances of Sipi, recorded by the Serbian Televison at the Nišville Jazz in Niš, Serbia.
Disc two contains the „What happened on 30th November…” documentary about the Sipi concert. It help us to look inside behind the scenes of the Sipi concert.

„A triumph homage”

„Djabe said farewell to András Sipos in a 4-hour monstrous concert. Several guest artists appeared, including actors and musicians, with the special guest, Steve Hackett, whom I have never before seen playing with such happiness. … they had never been better than on this night. I have never seen them playing so well, it was a fabulous show.
At the beginning the band was always joined by a different guest. The first in the row was Mihály Dresch on saxophone, who was followed by Said Tichiti, the singer and percussionist of Moroccan origin. The special guest appeared after them, who according to Attila Égerházi, upon hearing the news, offered that he would come to Budapest.
Steve contributed to the Djabe album titled ‘Sheafs are Dancing’ and he also played at the concert the group gave in London in 2004. He came on stage several times during the concert and he seemingly enjoyed making music. After playing all together, Steve stayed on stage alone and performed an acoustic medley. The block was closed by the wonderful Horizons.
World music, jazz, hard rock and metal elements were all present. Everybody added something to the production. Djabe was in its best form and Steve Hackett managed to blend into the band like an organic member, playing unusually freely. He apparently enjoyed every single moment. It was triumph homage, the musicians said goodbye to their always cheerful joker as he deserved it. ”

Zoltán Gerébi

"One of the best fusion bands all over the world"
John Nugent, Rochester International Jazzfestival producer

"What does Hungarian jazz sound like? Take smooth jazz played by seven guys who look like truck drivers and dump a couple of buckets of paprika on them. Add a little Eastern European folk sensibility, particularly that gypsy fiddle. A packed RIJF Big Tent ate it up."
Jeff Spevak, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"Friday night was a huge success - the weather was fine, and the crowds were ready! Folks jammed to a variety of great bands including Orquesta d'Soul, Djabe, and of course Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!"
Geoff Roach, Executive Director, San Jose Jazz

"It's not hard to figure out why Djabe is the leading jazz-fusion band of Hungary. The group's music is filled with lush textures and appealing melodies. Group member Kovács Ferenc, who has worked with David Murray and Archie Shepp, is an excellent soloist on trumpet, flugelhorn, and violin."
Rochester Citynews

"We all think that Djabe sounds great!"
Mia Hansson / Stockholm Jazz Festival

"It is most beautiful music, an excellent production, and the music is superb."
Brian Dempster, Holywood International Jazz Festival, Northern Ireland

"I love their sound and stage presentation."
Roscoe Dames, Bahamas Jazz Festival

"Djabe's music is very interesting, well played and well produced. Congratulations!"
Associazione Blue Note Orchestra, Italy

"Their music is good, very good!"
Philippe Méziat, Bordeux Jazz Festival, France


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Samples from the show:
Reflections of Thiérache
Above the Skies
Distant Dance

Tracklist DVD1:

1. Djolé (Sipos)
2. Seafs are dancing (Égerházi - Barabás)
3. Doromb (Barabás)
4. Clouds Dance (Barabás - Égerházi)
5. First Step (Barabás - Égerházi)
6. Reflections of Thiérache (Barabás)
7. Acoustic Medley (Steve Hackett)
8. Above the Skies (Égerházi - Barabás)
9. Iceworld (Barabás)


Live at the Nišville Jazz, Serbia 2007
Television broadcast of one of the last shows with Sipi
Sheafs are dancing, Doromb, Omachulé, Angklung-Niš, Djabe, Shepherd’s song, Djabe reprise, Clouds Dance, Bass solo, Behind the veil

Nišville flash

Tracklist DVD2:

1. In memoriam Balogh Elemér (Balogh Kálmán)
2. Blessings from Somogy (Kovács Ferenc)
3. Band intro
4. Omachulé (Barabás)
5. Reproach (Barabás - Égerházi)
6. Street scene of Hajdúböszörmény (Barabás - Égerházi)
7. Angklung - Sipi
8. Distant Dance (Égerházi)
9. Behind the veil (Barabás - Égerházi)
10. Without words – credits


What happened on 30th November, Andras Day
Film about the Sipi concert

Hrabal – Lengyel: Táncórák
Actor friend’s performance in memoriam Sipi


Steve Hackett - guitar
Égerházi Attila - guitar, percussion
Barabás Tamás - bass guitar, derbouka
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, violin, vocal
Kovács Zoltán - keyboards
Banai Szilárd - drums
Dresch Mihály - soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
Balogh Kálmán - dulcimer
Said Tichiti - vocal, gembri, djembe, derbouka
Budai Sándor - violin
Németh Ferenc - vocal

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