maxi CD - 1999 - GR-017

imageDjabe's second single containing three recordings not featured on other CD's. The first two tracks of the CD are Lay-A-Loya and Visions remix made for the radios. The third track is the edited album version of Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya. The fourth one is Visions, from the Witchi Tai To Tour concert video.

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1. Lay-A-Loya (Tomi Remix)mp3
2. Visions (Tomi Remix)
3. Lay-A-Loya (Album version)
4. Visions (1999. Április 30. Budapest, PeCsa)


Barabás Tamás - bass guitar
Égerházi Attila - guitar
Sipos András - vocal, percussion
Muck Ferenc - saxophone
Herczeg Judit - vocal

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